Types of closet accessories

Closet accessories are a worthy investment if one wants to make maximum use of the closet. It helps in keeping a variety of things organized. Simple add-ons like baskets, bins, and storage cubes can help in saving more space in the closets and keeping the things more reachable. With a vast variety of closet accessories available in the market today, one can customize the closet organizers to suit his/her needs. Below are some closet accessories which are particularly useful and worth mentioning

Hanging solutions– Using hooks, valet rods and hanging rods to hang the clothes, and other items can provide more visibility. They can also in keeping the things tidier and pressed. Adding hooks behind the closet door to hang scarves or belts can save more space.

Shelves and dividers– Shelves can be very useful to store a lot of things. From clothes, linen, to shoes and handbags; shelves have multi-utility. Dividers can come to use when one wants to categorize items and store it in 1 place.  Dividers can be placed in shelves and drawers.

Hampers– Adding a clothes hamper is particularly useful in walk-in closet organizers. They can either installed hidden or visible, inside shelves or drawers. They can also be used to dispose of the used clothes and keep them separated from the fresh ones.

Jewelery drawers- Jewelery is a valuable accessory. Jewelery drawers can come of great help in keeping the jewelery safe and in reach. They can also be installed in existing closets or new ones depending on the size.

Baskets– Baskets can be either of wire or metal. They can be used to store clothes, shoes in case of a bedroom closet and vegetables, jars and others in case of kitchen closets. Small items are usually not placed in them as the they may tend to fall off from the gaps.

Sliding racks– Sliding racks can help in keeping things out of visibility. Items can be placed in sliding drawers with racks. The racks can be either made of wire or metal. Items like wine bottles can be stored in these racks.

Shoe solutions – One may have a variety of shoes, for daily use, office and casual wear. Shoe storage is one of an important part of the closets, especially if one may have a variety of footwear to store. Shoe poles, fences and shoe bins, hanging shoe shelves can be used to store shoes in an organized way.