On April 26, 1867 a contingent of Irishmen who had landed in the city of Gualeguaychú, decided to create a “Carreras Circle” which they called “Gualeguaychú English Race Club” and naming their Hipódromo “Primer Entrerriano” that had a track of 1628 meters, and incorporated the regulations of the races of England, as well as the use of frames specially brought from their place of origin.
At first, the local competitors bothered their circular shape because they were used to running on 300 or 400 meter straight lines.

Over time they were friendly to this form and this regulation.

The specimens that competed at this time were mestizos from the place and the Eastern Republic of Uruguay. The competitions were carried out according to the meters traveled by each horse, or if they were fed with corn or not, for this a referee controlled their waste two hours before each race. The first thoroughbred that the racecourse received was “Bonnie Dundee”, from “Los Sajones”, located in Los Ranchos, Province of Buenos Aires.

Nowadays the Gualeguaychú Hippodrome has more than 140 years of History.

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